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Cross-border M&A


Brief of the Cross-border M&A

The cross-border M&A refer to foreign investors, by means of stock or equity acquisition, involving in the management of enterprises in a certain county and making benefits of it.
Aroau assists you to the success by offering various kinds of financial business to enterprises and
institutions in mainland China and Australia which have operational capital and a desire for the
cross-border M&A , cross-border financing, including syndicated loan, structured debt instruments and mezzanine financing products.

The benefits by the cross-border M&A


Key elements of the cross-border M&A

To improve enterprises' economic power and ful-fill the expansion, pursue the scale economy and make monopoly profits, gain cutting-edgetech-nology and talents, take over low-price equity and make profits of it, implement the backdoor listing.


Looking for a potential target, making prelimina-ry screening and investigation, examined by the decision-makers, letter of intent for acquisition, due diligence, reaching consensus, integration.